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The wikia of that famous Black Nerd from YouTube! It's Black Nerd Comedy Wikia! Based off of Andre Meadows, a.k.a., the Black Nerd. The official Black Nerdipedia! He first joined YouTube on September 13, 2007. Andre is a black man who is a nerd who does rants, reviews, vlogs, and 80's/90's retro stuff.

In his reviews, he tells us the good, the bad, and the nerdy.

He also has a talk show called ",Awkward Talks with Girls" where he has "conversations with beautiful women." (a direct quote from the show), a running gag is before the segment "10 Questions or Less", he always asks the girl does she want a foot rub. (because he has a thing for women's feet)

He also has 2 other channels on YouTube called "Andre" where he does vlogs and "BlackNerdLIVE" where it's like, extended interviews/or whatever he was talking about.

He was born on October 25.

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